What does Rave do?
The Rave app enables you to watch movies together with friends, while talking and texting.
How much does Rave cost?
Rave is free! While users can purchase Rave Premium for an ad-free experience, the Rave app is free on all platforms, including iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, and Mac.
What can I watch on Rave?
Rave supports content from YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, HBO Max, Google Drive, Google Photos, Vimeo, and more.

Note - We don't support rented/paid content from YouTube and Amazon.
What devices support Rave?
Rave is available on iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android, Chromebook, AndroidTV, GoogleTV, Huawei, Microsoft Windows, and Apple Mac.
How many people can I watch with?
There’s no limit to the number of people who can watch together with you!
How can I invite friends to Rave?
You can invite friends into Rave by sending them a link to the room you are in, or by searching them inside Rave and sending them an invitation.
How can I make friends on Rave?
Nobody to watch with? No problem! There are millions of potential friends on Rave. Search for something you want to watch, and join in to meet
How can I use Google Drive or Google Photos with Rave?
You can upload a video file to Google Drive or Google Photos, and then sign in to either through Rave and select the video to play. It can take time, up to several hours, for Google to render the file and make it playable on Rave, so be sure to upload it well ahead of time! You can add subtitles on Google Drive or Google Photos, and they will be available in Rave.
Do I need to have a Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, or HBO Max account to watch on Rave?
Yes, you must have a paid subscription to the streaming service that you are watching from, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, or HBO Max. You can sign in to that account in Rave to watch with friends!
What is RaveDJ?
RaveDJ is an AI that mixes music together. Two songs can be mixed into a mashup, or a larger number of songs can be combined into a mix. RaveDJ is accessible via a website - rave.dj or from the Rave app directly.